Individual setting of the hand for cosmetologists.

The EverEsthetic clinic invites cosmetologists for an individual hand setting, which is carried out by the leading cosmetologists of the clinic, Ph.D. and IPSEN certified trainers Madina Khadzhimurzaevnaya Kolieva, Marina Pavlovna Chernysheva and Diana Nikolaevna Yudina.

Conditions for participation in a master class on setting up a hand with aesthetic portfolio of IPSEN (Dysport, ArtFillers):

  • The Doctor must have a certificate of primary basic training in the relevant medication.
  • The Practicing Doctor independently discusses with the patient indications, contraindications, recommendations after the procedure before the procedure. The patient signs the informed consent and the necessary medical documents.
  • The trainer supports the doctor in managing the patient for 2-3 weeks until the clinical effect of the medication is established, provided that the patient complies with all recommendations and restrictions.
  • If necessary, a correction is carried out within two to three weeks.

For details and registration, please, contact administrators of the clinic by phone +7 (495) 159-98-09.

Special offer for aesthetic gynecology

Our clinic has all the possibilities of modern aesthetic gynecology for solving intimate problems using vulvo-vaginal remodeling (lasers, plasma therapy, fillers, PDT, needle RF) to prevent and improve the quality of intimate and sexual life.

We can improve the quality of intimate life in the area of ​​​​the entrance to the vagina (feeling of a man).

We will create the possibility of a more intense erotic effect on the already formed erogenous zones (point G).

We can help eliminate pain during intercourse (symptomatic dyspareunia).

We can increase the elasticity of the skin and mucous membrane of the intimate area, which prevents microtrauma, cracks and abrasions during mechanical action.

We carry out anti-age procedures not only in the face area, but also in intimate organs, because all skin undergoes age-related changes.

We help to treat flabbiness and wrinkling of the skin of the inner thighs, buttocks and perineum using needle RF lifting technology in combination with injectable revitalizants.

All summer in our clinic there is a 20% discount on gynecological procedures:

  • plasma therapy and plasma lifting
  • laser intimate rejuvenation
  • intimate contouring (fillers)

We will prolong your sexual youth!

Appointment at a gynecologist, a high-level certificate physician

At EverEsthetic Clinic, Tian Valentina Vissarionovna, the obstetrics and gynecology doctor, a high-level certificate physician, and aesthetic gynecologist recieves patients.

Tian Valentina Vissarionovna has been the high-level certificate physician since 1999; she participates in European and American congresses on gynecology and teaches at the Academic Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Valentina Vissarionovna has been working in the profession for more than 25 years and successfully solves various tasks for the preservation and restoration of women’s health:

  • Conservative gynecology (full gynecological check-up; diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the vulva, vagina, cervix; diagnosis and treatment of infertility; pregnancy management);
  • Aesthetic gynecology (labioplasty, liposculpture, colporaphy, contouring, intimate rejuvenation);
  • Operative gynecology (hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, cervical treatment).
  • Diagnosis and treatment of various gynecological diseases (cervical pathology, infectious diseases, fibroids, endometriosis, etc.);
  • Problems related to hormonal disorders (restoration of the menstrual cycle, selection of contraception, improvement of a woman’s quality of life before and after menopause);
  • Laser and aesthetic gynecology;
  • Preparation for and management of pregnancy of any degree of complexity, postpartum recovery.

For the convenience of our patients, gynecologist Tian Valentina Vissarionovna conducts initial consultations every Saturday.

Please contact the clinic administrator for an appointment.

The human body is a finely organized system, and all the processes in it are interconnected very tightly. Beauty and youth, life of quality, and successful self-realization are impossible without good health, including intimate health.

5 year anniversary

On October 2, 2021, on Saturday, our clinic celebrated its first anniversary — EverEsthetic turned 5 years old!

How beautiful, fun and warm it was within the walls of our clinic on this festive day!

Pleasant gifts and surprises awaited patients and guests throughout the day:

  • professional make-up;
  • lottery of cosmetic services from clinic specialists;
  • gifts from Maroni, Clorscience, SkinCeuticals;
  • discounts on the purchase of cosmetics and holiday treats!

The EverEsthetic team expresses its deep gratitude to all partners who were able to look at our celebration!

We were glad to share this joyful day with you! Thank you!