EverEsthetic is an aesthetic medicine and cosmetology clinic with an individual approach to the beauty and health of each patient.

Our main task is to reveal the natural, genuine beauty of each patient and teach her/him to take care of it; this is our philosophy.

The EverEsthetic Aesthetic Medicine Clinic has 7 equipped beauty rooms with a sterile area, a gynecology and ultrasound room, an operating unit, and a ward for rehabilitation and recovery.

Our work is based on the proprietary technologies, combined with the world’s best-proven technologies of aesthetic medicine and scientific and practical activities since 1995.

Safety is the priority of the EverEsthetic Clinic. In our work, we use only registered medicines and safe methods.

We try to use only the body’s reserves, achieving natural beauty as a result of cosmetic manipulations.

The external beauty of a person is always a consequence of a healthy body. In the course of treatment or therapy, we achieve natural healing of the body and help transform external beauty.

To create an effective program of therapy and care, we conduct a detailed diagnosis of the entire body using the latest ultrasound equipment and advanced laboratory technologies, with special attention to skin, hair, and women’s health.

The EverEsthetic Clinic has doctors of various specialties:

  • dermatologists
  • cosmetologists
  • gynecologist
  • trichologist
  • nutritionist
  • massage therapist
  • psychologists
  • wellness coach

We always achieve maximum results thanks to our proprietary technologies of injection, minimally invasive, hardware, and aesthetic medicine, which work perfectly in combination with general wellness.

Our team

The team of EverEsthetic experts adheres to the principles of professional ethics and evidence-based medicine only.

EverEsthetic doctors are a handpicked team of like-minded, top professionals with special higher education, united by common goals:

  1. Comprehensive improvement of your health, youth, and beauty;
  2. Preserving the individual characteristics of your appearance;
  3. Achieving physiologically natural results.

All our doctors are certified professionals who annually participate in internationally recognized aesthetic medicine events such as IMCAS Paris, and AMWC Monaco.

The invaluable experience and professional expertise accumulated by the clinic’s experts since 1995 allow us to confidently offer you only the best today.

We work only with licensed medical devices and registered medicines. All experts of the Clinic have scientific titles of Candidates/ Doctors of Medicine. They are active in scientific, practical and teaching activities, participate in leading scientific events in Russia and abroad. At our Clinic, we guarantee not only a first-class result but also complete safety.

Today, Everesthetic is a modern format of health and beauty clinic designed for megapolis residents who live with a constant lack of time. A family-friendly atmosphere of comfort and tranquility, where everything is created for you to relax and replenish your energy.


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