EverEsthetic Professional Club

EverEsthetic Professional Club is a new work stream of the Everesthetic clinic. This is a professional club for cosmetologists and aesthetic medicine experts, where the doctors of our Clinic conduct practical workshops on the use of various injection and hardware cosmetology techniques.

The leading doctors of the clinic, Kolieva Madina Khadzhimurzaevna, Ph.D., and Chernysheva Marina Pavlovna, Ph.D., conduct practical classes with the participation of invited model patients, analyzing in detail correction of age-related changes in accordance with the main morphotypes of aging and the rules for the use of combined algorithms.

SPEAKERS: Chernysheva Marina Pavlovna; Kolieva Madina Khadzhimurzaevna; Yudina Diana Nikolaevna;

In 2021, IPSEN, a global biopharmaceutical group that implements solutions in the field of improving the quality of life of patients, became a partner of the Professional Club.

If you want to join the EverEsthetic Professional Club, please contact our administrator.


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