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What is anti-aging medicine?

At all times, one of the main goals of medicine has been to preserve and prolong health and youth, thereby achieving a longer active life. Over the years, narrow areas of medicine have formed: dietology, nutritiology, exercise therapy, organotherapy, and others, from which an entire section gradually formed — anti-age (anti-aging) medicine.

Anti-aging medicine is the branch of medicine which aims to prevent and treat age-related manifestations of the body as a whole, to normalize and restore the activity of individual organs and their systems, as well as extrinsic age-related changes.

Anti-age therapy is a set of methods of prevention, treatment and correction of age-related manifestations. Such therapy is based on a comprehensive approach and the participation of a variety of specialists: gynecologists, andrologists, endocrinologists, cosmetologists, nutritiologists, gastroenterologists and many others, since the aging process affects absolutely all organs and systems of our body.

The possibilities of anti-aging medicine

  • Correction and prevention of extrinsic ageing.
  • Detoxification of the body is the abolition of all kinds of harmful substances and toxins;
  • Activation and normalization of the metabolism, which helps to significantly increase the absorption of useful substances;
  • Oncoprophylaxis;
  • Normalization of hormonal balance;
  • Sleep recovery;
  • Normalization of sexual life;
  • Treatment and prevention of chronic fatigue;
  • Restoration of functions of internal organs.

Anti-age medicine preparations:

Organotherapy is a treatment with extracts derived from animal or human tissues.  In anti-aging medicine two preparations — Laennek and Melsmon — are the most studied.


For more than 50 years, Melsmon and LAENNEK injectants have been produced in Japan, the main component of which is human placenta hydrolysate, a biologically active substance. Hydrolysate is able to restore damaged cells and functional activity of tissues and organs, increase overall immunity, accelerate tissue regeneration. In general, it demonstrates a multipurpose healing and rejuvenating effect on the human body. Specifically rejuvenating, not just imitating youth.
Initially aimed at combating radiation sickness, placental therapy has proven to be a powerful factor in increasing longevity, slowing the aging process, and significantly increasing the standard of living.

Advantages of organotherapy of anti-aging medicine

  • restoration of vitality, improvement of memory and mood, reduction of mental fatigue, elimination of anxiety and restoration of normal sleep;
  • delaying the onset of menopause in women and extending the period of sexual activity in men;
  • improvement of skin quality through the formation of new blood vessels, nerves and collagen;
  • eliminating the elements of inflammation, irritation, dilated vessels and pores, giving the skin a healthy, rested look;
  • 5-7-fold increase in tissue respiration, which helps to slow the aging process and prevent the deterioration of vital organs;
  • increasing the body’s resistance and adaptive capacity in chronic, smoldering diseases, and stress;
  • prevention of early and treatment of pathological climax.

Plasmolifting is also one of the variants of organotherapy.


Advanced Nutrition Program is a premium line of biologically active nutrient complexes for maintaining the beauty and health of the skin, developed by The International Institute of Anti-Aging iiaa.Ltd in London in 2006. According to the founder, David Alpert, the company takes a holistic approach to cosmetology, considering the human body as a whole, and health — as the balance of all spheres of his life. Skin nourishment from inside, along with the use of active beauty products and technology, is an integral part of the 360° beauty program. The arsenal of nutrients includes products with a pronounced antioxidant protection, filling the deficit of micro- and macronutrients, vitamins and amino acids, normalizing and stimulating collagen synthesis, improving microcirculation and skin hydration level, as well as normalizing sebaceous glands functioning.

Correction of hormonal status. Our endocrine system is one of the first to undergo age-related involution. the following hormones are subject to the most significant changes: insulin, cortisol, progesterone, testosterone, melatonin, growth hormone and some others. Therefore, early diagnosis of hormone imbalance with subsequent correction is the key to healthy longevity.


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