Cicatrix treatment

Cicatrixes are formations of conjunctive tissue that form on the skin after the healing process of wounds after injuries or operations. Cicatrixes stand out noticeably on healthy skin, so the removal of scars and cicatrixes is a highly sought-after procedure. Not only the cosmetic but also the functional nature of the skin defect is a big problem for the patient.

There are several methods of cicatrixes removal. Their choice depends on the features of the cicatrix and its location, the presence of functional disorders due to the defect, and the wishes of the patient himself.

Detailed information about the cicatrix removal process at the Everesthetic Clinic

Scars and cicatrixes that can be removed at the moment:

  • Atrophic (sunken) scars resembling visually retracted stripes (for example, stretch marks, postacne scars);
  • normotrophic scars — rather thin and pale scars;
  • hypertrophic — rough and dark due to the production of collagen, which does not have time to dissolve and as a result leads to the appearance of a defect. Most often in this situation, surgical intervention is needed to remove cicatrixes by excision;
  • keloid — of purplish or pink tone; they rise above the surface of the skin. These cicatrixes can itch, hurt, and even grow.

Scar revision surgery is an operation aimed at excising cicatricial skin formations. This technique is one of the most effective if the cicatrixes are old, coarse and large.

Scars formed after surgery or injuries are not completely eliminated, but it is quite possible to make them much less noticeable. The result of the performed surgery is a linear, barely visible suture instead of a coarse, large scar, which can become almost invisible after a certain period.

Contouring of cicatrixes can also be practiced, which is used for atrophic scar tissue. In this case, injections of a biodegradable gel are used, which push out the cicatrix and evens it out with the surface of the skin.

Surgical removal of scars on the face and body

The process of cicatrix excision is carried out under general or local anesthesia.

The doctor excises the cicatrical formation and cuts out the cicatrix so as to then connect the edges of the wound. Then the surgeon imposes a cosmetic suture, which will be removed in 3-4 days. Thus, with the help of the procedure, it is possible to connect the edges of the wounds as much as possible and at the same time get a thin, straight and often almost invisible suture.

Rehabilitation will take 2-4 days. To speed up the healing process and improve the aesthetic components of the suture, your doctor may recommend a course of physical and cosmetic procedures.

In the case of fairly extensive cicatrix formations, in addition to excisions, autografting is possible — transplantation of a healthy tissue flap from some part of the body to the place of the cicatrix.

Everesthetic doctors remove cicatrixes after operations, as well as scars after burns and other injuries. In modern times, medicine is able to completely minimize such a defect as cicatrixes.

The process of scar excision at Everesthetic Clinic is performed by qualified doctors. The exact cost is determined only after the doctor analyzes the structure, size, and other features of the cicatrix formation.

Laser removal of scars and cicatrixes.

The laser destroys collagen fibers and simultaneously stimulates the formation of fibroblasts — cells that produce collagen. Thanks to this, the cicatrix starts to smooth out and gradually evens out with healthy skin.

Advantages of laser cicatrix removal:

  • the surrounding tissues are not damaged;
  • no side effects;
  • rehabilitation and suturing are not required.

Laser technology makes it possible to get rid of cicatrixes in any, even sensitive areas, such as the eyelids.

To achieve a significant result, it is necessary to undergo 4-5 procedures. Often for maximum effect, the process of cicatrix removal is combined with such procedures as dermabrasion, mesotherapy, peeling, physiotherapy, and special muscular exercises.


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