Acne Treatment

There are many ways to treat acne, each of which is selected and combined in accordance with the individual causes of the disease of a particular patient, as well as taking into account the stage of the disease.

Acne treatment is a rather long and difficult process that:

  • Eliminates the original causes of the disease
  • Destroys the bacteria that cause acne
  • Treats inflammatory processes on the skin
  • Normalizes hormonal balance
  • Maintains normal skin condition to prevent relapses

The treatment, the combination of techniques and the duration of their use is determined by a dermatologist. The success of the process also depends on the patient himself — his approach to compliance with all points of treatment.

Medicines for acne treatment


The most popular and effective method. Thanks to local and internal antibiotics, germs are destroyed in the sebaceous gland and the skin is cleared of inflammatory reactions. Together with antibiotics, local anti-inflammatory and wound-healing drugs medicines are used.

However, long-term acne treatment with the same antibiotic or the wrong choice of antibiotics can create resistance to the bacteria, making the treatment process ineffective.


The preparations for external or oral use are derivatives of retinol (vitamin A or retinoic acid).

Retinoids affect the receptors of cell nuclei, skin cell growth, sebaceous glands activity, have anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects. They help reduce the production of sebum, quickly exfoliate dead dead skin layers, remove clogged pores.

Degreasing agents

In acne treatment, alcohol-containing agents have always been prescribed to reduce the intensity of the sebaceous glands. However, this method has a significant drawback: excessive use of alcohol destroys the skin’s natural protective barrier and ruins the detachment of the epidermis. Therefore, bacteria multiply in the sebaceous glands.

Cosmetics with active agents

For a complete cosmetic treatment or acne control at home, the following agents, which contain special additives, are recommended:

Azelaic acid
It is combined with retinoids and benzoyl peroxide, effectively
Benzoyl peroxideIt has an antibacterial and keratolytic effect
Glycolic acidExfoliating agent
ClayIt is used as a natural absorbent that eliminates skin impurities and excess fat
Plant componentsThey have antibacterial effects, help regulate seborrhea
Salicylic acidIt has an exfoliating, anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, easily penetrates in it, can be used daily
Sulfur and resorcinolThey are used as part of pharmacy wiping products — exfoliate and have an antibacterial effect
ZincImproves the work of the sebaceous glands, stimulates antioxidant system of the skin
Essential oilsThey have antiseptic and wound healing effects

Hormone therapy

This therapy involves taking oral contraceptives with combined progesterone and estrogen preparations. They are used to treat acne in women. Only an endocrinologist prescribes this medication, because hormonal treatment may not be suitable for everyone.

Cosmetic procedures for acne treatment

Mechanical skin cleansing

Acne is cleaned in cosmetology salons or dermatological clinics; mechanical dermabrasion skin resurfacing is carried out and thereby the visual appearance of the disease is reduced. However, the original causes of acne are not eliminated in this way, it is used together with the main treatment.

Chemical peels

Exfoliating peeling is a very popular procedure for the treatment of problem skin. Glycolic acid is often used for such a procedure, which exfoliates the keratinized layer of the skin and normalizes the outflow of sebum. It also reduces hyperkeratosis (the appearance of an excessive keratinized layer of skin) of the sebaceous gland ducts.

With chemical peels, medications can better penetrate the skin.

Modern methods of acne treatment

At the moment, special hardware techniques are often used to control acne, which have already shown their effective results.

Laser therapy

The athermal diode laser effectively treats acne at any stage. It destroys the protein shell of bacteria that cause the development of acne. The laser partially affects the vessels feeding the sebaceous glands and reduces their activity. As a result, the seals in the pores either dissolve or mature quickly, after which they can be cleaned in sterile conditions.

Laser therapy is painless and atraumatic. The course consists of 5-8 sessions with an interval of 1-2 times a week or two (depending on the degree of the disease). Thanks to the laser, the structure of the skin is restored, pore size is reduced, and stagnant spots are resolved.

Elos technologies

This technique combines two effects — radiofrequency and broad-spectrum light. They destroy the bacteria that cause acne and reduce the number of enlarged pores. The surface of the skin is evened out.

The course is compiled individually. It usually consists of 8-10 procedures — 2 times a week.

Fractional laser thermolysis

Now fractional resurfacing is one of the most effective ways to eliminate skin defects. This laser rejuvenation is significantly different from many other standard procedures and eliminates skin irregularities.

Intravascular laser blood irradiation (ILBI)

Systemically increases immunity and rehabilitative capabilities of the body.

The laser is comfortable and highly effective. During acne exacerbation, ILBI affects the immune system and relieves inflammation.

Plasma therapy

Pathological and age-related skin changes are corrected with injections of enriched plasma of the patient’s own blood. Plasma therapy accelerates healing, corrects skin immunity.


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