Intimate plastic surgery

Intimate plastic surgery is a branch of medicine that combines the knowledge of various experts such as a gynecologist, urologist, cosmetologist, and plastic surgeon, to prevent and correct congenital or advanced changes.

Indications for intimate plastic surgery

The need for female intimate cosmetic surgery can basically be divided into two parts: before pregnancy and after pregnancy.Most women turn to cosmetic surgery before pregnancy mainly because of physiological problems with their genitals, especially with their labia majoria. Women in the postnatal period may often need to restore intimate areas before giving birth, which often includes correction of the labia, as well as vaginoplasty, which can be performed with surgery, laser treatment, or with a special thread.

Preparation for intimate plastic surgery

Given the uniqueness of each individual case of intimate cosmetic surgery, it is very important first of all to carefully discuss a potential procedure with a gynecologist in order to make a plan taking into account its potential impact on any future childbirth. Thus, before the operation, we recommend a complete gynecological examination.

What is labioplasty?

Labiaplasty is a procedure to reshape, reduce or enlarge the labia (outer lips of the vagina) according to the patient’s desired result or to correct areas that may have changed shape after childbirth. After labiaplasty, women feel increased self-confidence and excessive sexual drive, which often has positive psychological consequences.

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

This type of aesthetic vaginal surgery is used to treat the «big vagina» syndrome. An experienced plastic surgeon models the lumen of the vagina. Narrowing is performed along the entire length of the vagina, not just at the beginning, which in turn leads to greater satisfaction with the procedure among patients and their partners. This procedure can be combined with other types of intimate surgeries to achieve the best results.

Intimate plastic surgery at the EverEsthetic Clinic

Intimate plastic surgery requires fundamental knowledge and experience in gynecology and surgery. We work only with licensed medical devices and registered medicines. All experts of the Clinic have scientific titles of Candidates/ Doctors of Medicine. They are active in scientific, practical, and teaching activities, participate in leading scientific events in Russia and abroad. At our Clinic, we guarantee not only a first-class result but also complete safety.

Gynecology at EverEsthetic is of great importance. Our task is to reveal the natural, natural beauty of each patient and teach him to take care of it!


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