Photorejuvenation and phototherapy

Sciton Joule is a laser medicine clinic in one platform.

Sciton lasers are top-of-the-line equipment. These are multitasking expandable apparatuses used to perform various processes. They work on the basis of advanced, innovative technology and help to quickly and painlessly solve various medical and cosmetic problems.

BBL Phototherapy

BBL™(BroadBand Light) is a system of high-intensity broadband light for removal of vascular pathology,  benign pigmented lesions, acne treatment.

BBL (BroadBand Light, i.e., Intense Pulsed Light) is a platform that is used for various photoprocedures (photorejuvenation, removal of blood vessels, benign pathologies, age spots, acne treatment, lifting, photoepilation, etc.).

The mechanism of action is based on selective photothermolysis – selective exposure of tissue to light pulses with wavelengths from 420 to 1200 nm. This makes it possible to selectively affect chromophores (hemoglobin and melanin) by heating them to a predetermined temperature. Controlling the heating temperature and wavelength changes the nature of light absorption and the heat dissipation zone in the tissue. At the same time, the light does not damage the surface layers of the skin.

Phototherapy and photorejuvenation possibilities:

BBL Filters

420nm — Acne. With a wavelength of 420 nm, the BBL module selectively absorbs the waste products of propionobacteria, and affects them, which allows successfully use the blue spectrum in the complex treatment of acne with maximum results. To affect all acne and post-acne components of pathogenesis, the procedure is supplemented by other filters and nozzles, and medications for acne treatment.

515nm — Pigmentary disturbances. You can remove freckles, solar lentigo and get rid of many problems with the removal of pigment on the face and body. The light energy delivered by BBL will be gently and selectively absorbed by melanin, the pigment of age spots in the surface layers of the skin. At the same time, healthy tissue is not damaged. The pigmented spot first darkens and then disappears after a few days.

560nm — Vascular lesions. Vascular removal on the Sciton BBL module is a modern, non-invasive, effective and safe technique for coagulation of small and medium diameter vessels without damaging the surrounding tissues.

590nm — BBL perfectly copes with pigmentary disturbances even on dark skin. Remove dark spots on dark skin? No problem!

590nm, 640nm, and 695nm – BBL universal laser hair removal machine – works better than a diode laser. Any hardware hair removal in its basis has the same process: laser energy or energy of intense light is selectively absorbed by melanin, contained in human hair; melanin converts it into heat energy, which destroys the hair itself. The hair follicle is destroyed by a broadband pulsed light lamp (this is commonly called photoepilation or quantum epilation). The most effective laser hair removal will be during the phase of active hair growth (anagen). Therefore, the procedures are repeated. Their number and multiplicity are strictly individual and depend on the area of the body and the peculiarities of the hair growth cycle in that area.

BBL Photo Rejuvenation

SkinTyte™ — This module uses the infrared range of the spectrum to deeply and evenly heat the collagen of the dermis, which stimulates its contraction, causing the formation of its own new collagen.  It quickly restores elasticity to the face and body without surgery or injections.

Each filter can be used not only for a unique stand-alone procedure, but their effectiveness is increased when used in combination in a single-step protocol. It is a drug-free Forever Young BBL photo rejuvenation program in which the combination of filters is selected individually depending on the characteristics of the patient’s skin, the presence of indications and contraindications. It can also be used for preventive procedures. The effect of rejuvenation and slowing down aging is scientifically proven.

Forever Young BBL Photo Rejuvenation eliminates:

  • pigmented or vascular malformations, excessive pigmentation;
  • acne;
  • postacne and congestion; 
  • freckles and sunny lentingo;
  • rosacea;
  • couperosis;
  • ptosis and tissue atony;

In some cases, in order to achieve the best results, it is recommended to combine BBL photorejuvenation with other types of rejuvenation on the Sciton platform. For example, with ProFractional Erbium Fractional Rejuvenation and with the Sciton MicroLaserPeel laser peel procedure on the Contour TRL Erbium Laser.


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