CoolSculpting cryolipolysis treatment

What is cryolipolysis treatment?

Cryolipolysis is a procedure for correcting localized subcutaneous fat deposits by lowering their temperature to negative values, commercially called CoolSculpting™. Reducing the amount of subcutaneous fat occurs due to targeted cold exposure, and therefore this technique is called «cryolipolysis», i.e., «splitting fat by cold».

The principle of impact on the body

Cryolipolysis technology is based on the selective sensitivity of adipocytes (fat cells) to prolonged cold exposure (hypothermia). The effect of low temperature gives impetus to the self-destruction (apoptosis) of these cells. The process of apoptosis takes several months, and the decay products are gradually eliminated naturally, without causing any harm to the body. This is the latest non-invasive technique that allows gently but effectively and safely reduce the volume on any parts of the body in men and women where it is possible to create a fat fold, modeling the figure with very high accuracy.


As with any procedure, cryolipolysis has its own range of indications and contraindications. Before the procedure, the doctor carefully analyzes the patient’s condition to choose the most optimal protocol.The principal and main indication for cryolipolysis is well-defined fat folds in specific areas of the face (submental area) and body (abdomen, waist, back, arms, knees, outer and inner thighs, gluteal folds, axillary folds, gynecomastia). Patients with weakly expressed deposits of subcutaneous fat, as well as patients with Class 2 and 3 obesity, who will not be able to notice a good effect from the procedure, are not suitable for this procedure.

Advantages of Cryolipolysis

The technique has advantages over other procedures for correction of localized subcutaneous fat deposits due to low probability of both general and local undesirable effects and high stability of the results obtained. The result of the procedure looks natural, it does not require preparation and is not accompanied by a long period of rehabilitation; it eliminates the possibility of scarring, and can be used at any time of year. Due to the gradual development of the effect, there is no sagging of the skin folds in the treatment area — the skin shrinks in parallel with the decrease in fat volume.  But for the same reason, you need to remember that you should start preparing for the summer period in advance, at least 2 months in advance. To get visible results, a single use in the treatment area is sufficient, but to enhance the effect it is possible to repeat the procedures. CoolSculpting technology is approved by the FDA (USA) and protected by numerous patents.

How the procedure goes

 Our Clinic uses the most modern version of the Cool Advantage   applicator and several nozzle options. Before the procedure, the anamnesis is collected, the patient is examined and photodocumented, treatment areas are determined, nozzles are selected and the course of procedures is prescribed. Then, after making special markings, a special gel is applied to the surface of the skin to ensure a permanent tight contact. Due to the creation of a moderate vacuum, the skin-fat fold is drawn into the bowl-shaped applicator, located between the cooling panels. Treatment of one area lasts from 45 minutes to one hour. The procedure is painless, so there is no need for anesthesia. Only at its very beginning there is a slight discomfort as a result of vacuum exposure to the skin. However, it soon disappears, and the patient feels quite comfortable spending time by reading a book, working on a laptop, or even allowing himself a little nap. Since the number of areas to be treated in one day is unlimited, the procedure can last several hours. At the end of the cycle time, the nozzle is removed, the doctor makes an intensive massage of the treatment area and gives further recommendations to the patient.

Rehabilitation period

As a non-invasive technique, the CoolSculpting Cryolipolysis procedure allows you to return to your old lifestyle on the same day without any restrictions, however the treatment may cause redness, minor pitting of the skin, swelling or temporary numbness. All this soon passes and does not require medical attention.

The results remain the same for at least a year. However, it has been noted that proper nutrition and sufficient physical activity, combined with procedures that improve skin tone, microcirculation, lymphatic drainage (massage, RF therapy, pressotherapy) make the results achieved much more lasting.

Contraindications to the CoolSculpting cryolipolysis procedure

The procedure should not be performed in patients with reduced immunity, skin lesions at the site of the intended procedure, pregnant and lactating women, children and elderly patients suffering from various liver diseases, blood, cardiovascular diseases (including patients with a pacemaker), with hernias of internal organs, diabetes mellitus, Raynaud’s disease. It is not recommended also for patients with cold intolerance: Cryoglobulinemia.

It is necessary to consult an expert.



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