Laser hair removal

Currently, laser hair removal can be performed at any time, on any part of the face and body, regardless of skin color. Modern technology allows epilation in case of chronic dermatosis (psoriasis during exacerbation, vitiligo, etc.).

The epilation process

The laser intentionally heats the hair follicles, which completely destroys them. The procedure does not damage the surrounding skin, so the patient does not feel any discomfort during epilation. The device heats the hair follicles gradually, so that hair removal is painless and the possibility of new hair growth disappears. In contrast to photoepilation, the procedure can be performed in summer even with tanned skin. It eliminates the possibility of leaving untreated areas of skin. There is no need for anesthesia during the procedure, as the treated skin area is cooled by a special sapphire tip.


The life cycle of hair includes several phases of growth. Hair growth in the follicle is a short transitional stage, after which the hair stops growing and falls out (resting stage). After that, a new hair begins to grow in the follicle. That’s why with depilation (removal of the hair shaft, not destruction of the follicle itself) you can expect only short-term results that are comparable to shaving your hair. You can remove hair forever only if you destroy the follicle itself in the phase of its growth. Given the cyclic growth of hair, laser hair removal can affect 70% of all hair follicles, that is, to destroy all follicles, it is necessary to carry out several procedures. The number of procedures depends on the individuality of a person’s hair-covering. Therefore, there can be from 6 to 8 or more than 10 sessions. But the result can be felt after the first session — a significant reduction in the amount of hair. With each procedure the effect will be more and more noticeable until the hair is completely gone.

Is the laser hair removal procedure safe?

Laser hair removal is completely safe. To avoid misunderstandings about the effects of the laser beam, let’s briefly explain how it works:

  1. The laser generates only one wavelength of light. That is, the beam affects only the specific structure of the skin, namely the hair follicle.
  2. The laser beam cannot penetrate further than the skin, as the length of the light wave and the luminous power are specially selected to prevent this. At a depth of 4 mm, the light will scatter and cannot harm the skin in any way.
  3. Thanks to the technology of gradual heating of the hair follicles, there is no painful thermal effect, and the treated skin area does not even redden after epilation. Therefore, the procedure can be performed in summer even on tanned skin.


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