Laser removal of vascular malformations

Often on the face and other parts of the body vascular malformations can be found — red or blue spider veins. Many reasons contribute to the appearance of dilated blood vessels, the first of which is genetics. Internal factors include liver disease, venous outflow disturbance, coagulation failure, and pregnancy, which often causes the development of dilated blood vessels.

Causes of spider veins

The problem of vascular malformations occurs in a huge number of women of any age. The likelihood of vascular malformations is increased by smoking or spending long periods of time in the sunlight.

How to fight vascular malformations

In the beginning, girls can hide malformations visually with correctors but eventually, such products stop working.

Therefore, today the only effective way to eliminate such defects is laser removal.

How vascular malformations are removed

The process of removing vascular malformations on the face is absolutely safe and painless. It is possible to feel only a slight tingling sensation on the treated skin area. This procedure has long been tested by cosmetologists around the world. Thanks to the high-tech laser, the effect of the light energy is clearly directed and affects only the blood vessels, without affecting the epidermis. Often the beautician specifically adjusts the machine for a particular skin type, taking into account the condition of the skin.

Contraindications for laser removal of vascular malformations

It is very important to consider a number of contraindications before signing up for the procedure:

  • pregnancy;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • oncology;
  • recent or planned insolation;
  • skin diseases.

Good home care is essential for the effective result of the procedure. Nutrition control and a healthy lifestyle, in general, will also have a positive effect.

Rehabilitation after laser removal

After the procedure, it is not recommended to exercise for two weeks and use alcohol-containing cosmetic products. A vitamin and mineral complex that strengthens the body and heals it is very important. In addition, doctors sometimes prescribe a drinking regime and diet, because the problem with blood vessels must be addressed comprehensively.


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