RF lifting

Among modern methods of aesthetic correction, devices based on radio frequency (RF – Radiofrequency) exposure have earned a reputation as the most popular thermo lifting procedure.

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RF lifting technology 

The method is based on a predictable and controlled process of compression of the collagen molecule in the dermis under the influence of electric energy of a certain wavelength, which triggers the formation of new collagen (neocollagenogenesis). As a result, there is a qualitative and quantitative renewal of the protein structures of the intercellular matrix, which gives a pronounced rejuvenation effect — the so-called RF skin lifting, leading to improved tone and turgor, complexion, macrorelief, wrinkle removal, and lifting.

What can RF lifting do?

The purpose of RF facial lifting and skin strengthening procedures is to restore skin elasticity and density, strengthen and lift the skin of the face, neck, and décolleté; lift the facial contours and submandibular zone; rejuvenate the forehead skin and correct age-related changes in the parotid zone. RF lifting around the eyes: correction of age-related changes in the skin around the eyes, rejuvenation of the upper and lower eyelids; reduction of wrinkles and restoration of elasticity of the skin around the lips.

With the help of the ENDYMED PRO device used in our clinic and several variants of its handpieces for the face and body, it is possible to carry out procedures for both non-invasive 3D lifting and fractional microablation and microneedle modeling with skin damage. 


Due to the wide possibilities of the device procedures are indicated for patients of different ages with a variety of problems: the initial and pronounced changes in skin tone, wrinkles and folds, pigmentation disorders, post-acne cicatrixes on all parts of the face and body.

Advantages of RF lifting

The obvious advantages of the technique are the universality of recommendations for ages, zones, and indications, but at the same time, the possibility of choosing personal settings is individual for each patient. The absence of a preparatory period and the variability of the rehabilitation phase is relevant for patients with different social activities.  Noticeable result already after a single application, but increasing and prolonging after a course of procedures. The possibility of safe combination with other aesthetic techniques. And, importantly, the optimal price/efficiency ratio of the procedure.

Preparatory period

The procedures do not require prior preparation, but well-moisturized skin without symptoms of dryness and hyperkeratosis will respond better to the intervention.

Procedure and rehabilitation after RF-lifting – invasive option

The duration of fractional microablation procedure, as well as micro-needling is about 1-1.5 hours. After cleansing, an anesthetic cream is applied to the skin for 30 minutes.  For each patient, a sterile individual nozzle with 112 contact electrodes or 25 gold needles is opened and the selected areas are processed sequentially. Immediately after the procedure, the skin turns red and swelling, heat is felt for a while. A special serum and mask are applied after the procedure to reduce discomfort. Within a few hours, the symptoms of hypersensitivity decrease, weakly visible pitting crusts form and, if the patient complies with all recommendations, the rehabilitation process is completed in 6-7 days. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated after a month, a total of up to 4 repetitions may be required for a course during the safe fall-winter-spring period.

Procedure and rehabilitation after RF-lifting – therapeutic option. Face

If the patient cannot afford even a slight social alienation, it is possible to choose a more gentle variant of RF procedure —3DEEP RF TS Lifting.

Procedures with 3DEEP technology handpieces provide deep volumetric controlled heating of the dermis and have a direct effect on the collagen structure by stimulating the synthesis of new collagen fibers.

Targeted impact on deep layers of the skin eliminates overheating of the epidermis, so the 3DEEP technology procedure is the most effective and comfortable and does not limit the daily activities of the patient.


Procedure and rehabilitation after RF-lifting. Body

3DEEP TC lifting and body strengthening procedures are prescribed for: lifting and strengthening the skin of the shoulders; correction of age-related changes in the elbow area; RF lifting of the abdomen: strengthening and rejuvenation of the skin; skin tightening in the knee area; rejuvenation of other areas of the body based on the individual characteristics of the patient.

3DEEP® Contour is a safe and painless non-invasive 3D body lifting procedure with vacuum. New vacuum massage function that doubles the depth of volumetric heating for optimal correction of cellulite in different areas of the body.

3DEEP RF — Anti-Cellulite Body Modeling. Source

Course recommendations

More non-invasive procedures are needed to achieve optimal results.The course consists of 4-6 procedures performed twice a week, and 2 more procedures are recommended to consolidate the result 1 time a week. Afterwards, an individual scheme of supporting procedures is chosen for each patient.


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