Ultrasound lifting

Modern cosmetology has a wide arsenal of means to combat age-related changes: contour correction, fractional photothermolysis, photorejuvenation, etc. However, they are not effective enough to correct gravitational ptosis, because it cannot be eliminated by affecting only the epidermis.

For effective lifting it is necessary to affect the collagen fibers in the deep layers of the dermis and in the SMAS (superficial musculo-aponeurotic system, which acts as a «supporting carcase» for the soft tissues of the face).

What’s new?

Until recently, the only way of lifting at the SMAS level was plastic surgery (the so-called SMAS plastic surgery). With the advent of the DOUBLO device, it became possible to lift the deep layers of the skin and SMAS without surgical intervention.

How does it work?

During the procedure on the DOUBLO device, the ultrasound wave selectively, at the point of focus of the beam of a special sensor, affects the SMAS. At this point, the tissue warms up to 60-65 ° C, and the surrounding tissues remain intact. The sensor creates peculiar «lines» at a given depth (3 — 4.5 mm) from such points of thermocoagulation, which are located at the same distance from each other.  This leads to a reduction and thickening of SMAS, which entails lifting of all overlying layers, providing instant volumetric (three-dimensional) lifting of the soft tissues of the face. However, the process does not end there: within 3-4 months after the procedure, a new collagen matrix is formed, which is accompanied by an increase in the lifting effect.

It is important to note that the device has already pre-programmed safe settings for each area of the face, and the image on the monitor allows the doctor to see the skin and subcutaneous structures in the area of the sensor and thus provide full control over the procedure. It takes only about 40 minutes, it is well tolerated and does not require anesthesia.

Are there any restrictions after the procedure?

After the session, you can return to your normal lifestyle, as no recovery period is required. Within two days, there may be slight swelling and slight soreness in the deep layers of the soft tissues (as after physical exertion).

Are there any contraindications for the procedure?

The procedure on the DOUBLO device cannot be carried out during pregnancy and lactation, in the presence of severe forms of acne, diseases in which the process of skin regeneration is disrupted, as well as in case of some autoimmune diseases.

How many procedures are necessary to obtain a pronounced result, and how often can they be repeated?

The procedure is performed once, and the lifting effect will increase within 2-4 months after the procedure. The achieved result is maintained for 1.5 years.  After that, the procedure can be repeated. In addition, the use of the Doublo device allows you to prolong the effect obtained after plastic surgery.


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