Botulinum toxin therapy

Botulinum therapy in cosmetology

Botulinum therapy is the most effective way to correct expression lines. It is also a method of treating various diseases with botulinum toxin. The high efficiency and maximum safety of these procedures attract an increasing number of patients. Botulinum toxin helps to cope with various diseases of the nervous system, in addition, its injections help in the fight against aesthetic defects, expression lines, allowing to maintain an attractive appearance for a long time.

Botulinum toxin therapy application 

  • Getting rid of wrinkles, preventing the appearance of new ones
  • Face shape correction
  • Elimination of hyperactivity of facial muscles
  • Normalization of sweating (hyperhidrosis)
  • Elimination of unpleasant sweat smells
  • Elimination of hypertonicity of masseter muscles
  • Improving the shape of the buttocks

Medicines for botulinum toxin therapy

The doctors of our clinic prefer high-quality botulinum toxin medicines with proven high efficacy and safety.: DYSPORT, BOTOX, XEOMIN, RELATOX.

How does botulinum toxin work?

After injection of botulinum toxin, the medicine penetrates into the nerve endings, which transmit an impulse to the muscles and temporarily block their work. As a result, after the procedure, on the 5th-7th day, the patient notes a decrease in the muscle actions activity in the area of injection, and after 15 days the maximum result is achieved. This leads to smoothing of expression lines, improvement of the facial oval, or cessation of sweating if the medicine was injected into the underarm area.

What is the botulinum toxin procedure?

After a detailed conversation, examination and evaluation of facial tests, the doctor calculates the dosage and zones of injection of the medicine, then makes markings, after which the medicine is injected into the facial muscles with special syringes.

How long does the effect after botulinum toxin therapy last?

The duration of the effect of correction of expression lines can range from 3 to 6 months, and treatment of hyperhidrosis up to 10 months.

Are there any contraindications for botulinum toxin procedure?

The procedure cannot be performed if the patient suffers from a serious neurological pathology accompanied by muscle tone disorders, such as myasthenia, as well as hypersensitivity to the medicine components. Also, botulinum toxins are not injected during pregnancy and lactation.

Are there any special recommendations after the botulinum toxin procedure?

After the procedure, it is necessary:

  • Maintain an upright position for 4 hours
  • Do not massage and warm the areas of the procedure
  • Avoid alcohol and high temperatures for 2 days
  • Perform active facial movements in therapy areas
  • Do not take certain groups of antibiotics for 3 to 4 months (tetracyclines, polymyxins, aminoglycosides)

Botulinum toxin therapy at the EverEsthetic Clinic

The team of experts of the EverEsthetic clinic adheres to the principles of professional ethics and evidence-based medicine only. We try to use only the body’s own reserves, achieving natural beauty as a result of cosmetic manipulations. We work only with licensed medical devices and registered medicines. All our doctors are certified professionals who annually participate in internationally recognized aesthetic medicine events such as IMCAS Paris, and AMWC Monaco.


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