What is revitalization (biorevitalization)?

A universal procedure aimed at improving the skin quality of various areas of the face and body using injectants of various compositions based on hyaluronic acid, realizing effects within the dermis.

How hyaluronic acid works?

The technique is aimed at improving skin tone, increasing its moisture level, smoothness, elasticity, evening out relief (including postacne cicatrixes), and color (providing the «glow» effect).

Indications for biorevitalization

  • Prevention and correction of the first age-related changes in skin quality in young patients, especially with dry skin type, as an independent procedure.
  • Additional skin quality improvement procedure in the complex correction of age-related changes with other aesthetic methods.
  • One of the procedures for the complex correction of postacne cicatrixes, striae (stretch marks), atrophic and normotrophic scar changes
  • Therapy and prevention of photoageing
  • Skin restoration after aggressive procedures (chemical peels, laser rejuvenation, invasive RF lifting)
  • The procedure of complex correction of skin color improvement

Benefits of revitalization

Revitalization is the most popular and versatile procedure in therapeutic cosmetology today. This is due to its relevance to most patients’ indications, the possibility of combining it with other methods of aesthetic correction, a wide range of products by type of action and cost, the relative simplicity and safety of the procedure, and a short rehabilitation period.

Medicines used in biorevitalization

The popularity of the method requires specialists to use preparations and techniques of their introduction, corresponding to maximum safety and efficiency.  There are many such medicines on the Russian cosmetology market, the most well-known are Restyline Vital, Restyline Vital Light, Juvederm Volite, Belotero Soft, Profilo, IAL System and others. All of them are actively used by doctors in our Clinic (and this procedure is exclusively medical one). We would like to highlight products that we have been successfully using for many years for revitalization purposes, but due to the uniqueness of their composition and action, we set apart them into a separate group of Skinboosters. These are Restylane vital and Restylane vital light medicines.The salient features of the Skinbusters are the standardized, maximum physiological molecular weight of hyaluronic acid, its concentration being 2.0% in Restylane vital and 1.2% in Restylane vital light, particle size adapted to the purpose of the procedure (to ensure uniform distribution over the entire volume of the dermis), unique stabilization of HA molecule (modifying with BDDE not more than 1% of total molecular weight while keeping globular shape of the molecule), high G* rate which allows using Skinbusters for correction of surface wrinkles as well as restoration of hydration, shape, and volume of lips, which distinguishes them from capabilities of common revitalizants.  

The results after the introduction of Restylane® skinbusters last up to 9 months, which has been clinically proven over 12 years of research.

The sequence of the revitalization procedure

In the classic version, it is recommended to use biorevitalizants in a multipoint, sometimes papular technique at different depths of the skin with small volumes of the medicine. However, in practice, the technique is chosen individually for patients with varying degrees of severity of age-related changes, with different morphotypes, the degree of photodamage, and social adaptation, combinations with other methods of aesthetic correction are suggested.

Before the procedure, the doctor evaluates the patient’s morphotype: the shape of the face, the evidence and preservation of each layer of soft tissues of the face and neck, the degree of their changes. He/she also identifies indications and contraindications of the method. determines the location of the main neurovascular bundles, outlines areas of intervention and prescribes a treatment regimen consisting of a certain number of procedures, their frequency and possible combinations.

The procedure begins with skin cleansing, antiseptic treatment and topical anesthetic application for 20-30 minutes.

During the injection, the doctor may use a needle or cannula or alternate their use depending on the area. The main task is to inject the medicine evenly into the desired areas in a small dosage within the dermis. During the procedure, the patient feels a slight soreness, and  spot hematomas (bruises) may form.

Preparation for the biorevitalization procedure

With a prearranged treatment tactic, no preparatory period is required, the procedure can be performed immediately after consultation if there are no contraindications.

Rehabilitation after revitalization

After injection, the skin is thoroughly treated with antiseptic and a revision massage is performed to eliminate uneven distribution of the medicine and its contouring. Finally, a softening protective cream is applied to the skin.

Individual cooling soothing masks or cold packs can be used after the treatment.

On the day of treatment, do not apply cosmetic preparations, cosmetics, do not touch the skin with your hands, 5-7 days avoid direct sunlight, solarium, sauna, active physiotherapy, cosmetic procedures, use sunscreen with SPF of at least 30.

The recommended course of biorevitalization

The next procedure may be scheduled depending on the patient’s skin condition and the selected medicine in the form of the required course of 2-3 to 10 procedures with an interval between them from one week to one month, or, to maintain the effect, once.


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