Thread lift

What is a thread lift?

Today, one of the most pressing problems associated with age-related changes is ptosis (drooping) of facial soft tissues

Until recently, true physical lifting could only be achieved through plastic surgery. However, the introduction of high technology in aesthetic medicine — the Ultralift lifting treatment (Ultheraphy ulthera focused ultrasound) and minimally invasive methods — thread lift and thredlifting, allow not only to adjust the existing tissue ptosis but also to prevent it. Thread lift is a non-surgical rejuvenation and skin tightening with threads.

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Advantages of thread lift

Modern cosmetology gives preference to resorbable threads made of either polylactic acid (APTOS) or polydiaxonone (mesothreads). The advantage of such threads is their ability to completely degrade within 4-8 months. The introduction of smooth mesothreads at the level of subcutaneous fat contributes to the creation of a frame that prevents tissue displacement, and the introduction of threads with barbs moves the skin flap following the vectors of lifting. The result is noticeable almost immediately after the procedure, but the final effect is formed within 1-1.5 months.


Indications for a thread lift

Ideal patients for thread lift are persons with initial and moderate presentation of ptosis (drooping) of soft tissues, without a pronounced excess subcutaneous fat and dermatocholasis (an excess of skin), with deformation and tired morphotypes of aging.

However, we do not always work with patients who have ideal indications for this or that procedure. In such cases, an individual protocol is developed to ensure optimal correction results.

Thread lift procedure

Often the course of therapy takes place in two or more stages. The first stage involves the installation of biostimulating smooth threads improving skin quality and its color, increasing its turgor and elasticity. Within 1-1.5 months, these presentations increase and reach their maximum, after which you can proceed to the second stage — the installation of reinforcing threads with barbs.


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