Holly Land atraumatic facial cleansing

What is atraumatic facial cleansing? 

Holly Land atraumatic facial cleansing – gentle cleansing of the skin without mechanical damage, helps to even out skin color and texture, improve skin condition, stop inflammatory processes.

Indications for atraumatic facial cleansing

The procedure can be performed at any age and at any time of the year. Suitable even for sensitive and couperose-prone skin.

Advantages of atraumatic cleansing

Immediately after the procedure, the skin looks clean, fresh and rested, which distinguishes it from mechanical skin cleansing.

Stages of the cleansing procedure:

  1. Cleansing — Depending on the condition of your skin, the most suitable cleansing option for you is selected.
  2. Peeling-gommage. At this stage, a mechanical peel-gommage is used to exfoliate horny cells and renew the epidermis. The peeling does not contain abrasive particles, which provides the most comfortable cleansing.
  3. Disinfection and heating. A special warming lotion based on isopropyl alcohol is used for this stage. Application of the lotion is accompanied by an intense tingling sensation, which after 20-30 seconds is replaced by a cold sensation, gradually changing to a feeling of warmth. The lotion disinfects, activates microcirculation, and helps to reduce swelling and inflammation, evens out the skin surface.
  4. Basic peeling. As a basic peel for oily and problematic skin, we use a chemical peeling with retinol, which is designed for deep skin cleansing procedures, including evening out its texture and color, as well as stimulating regenerative processes and correcting post-acne. The peeling may cause a tingling sensation that stops bothering you within a few minutes. For sensitive skin, a peeling based on fruit acids is used, which is much less irritating to the skin. After peeling, skin tone increases, scarring is reduced, pores shrink, and skin texture and color are evened out. The skin becomes soft, smooth, warm; the swelling of inflammatory elements decreases.
  5. Softening of the pore contents. At this stage, a special solution is used, which, due to the content of extracts of witch hazel, chamomile and arnica, is able to liquefy the contents of the pores. Intensive massage is performed with the solution for about 5 minutes until completely absorbed.
  6. Enzymatic peeling. Soak for about 10 minutes under a moist, warm compress. The peeling facilitates more thorough removal of comedones and pore cleansing, as well as moisturizes the skin and stimulates reparative processes, relieves irritation and dryness, and gives a pleasant feeling of comfort and softness. At this stage the skin is noticeably soothed, redness is reduced and pores shrink.
  7. Post-peeling mask. The choice of mask depends on the skin condition and type.
  8. Disinfection and toning.Before applying the restorative and protective agents, the skin is wiped with a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory lotion, which contains anti-inflammatory extracts and oils of medicinal plants.
  9. Recovery and protection. In the final stage, the cream is used as a revitalizing agent in this procedure to help renew the epidermis, even out skin color and texture, and improve reparative processes.

The duration of the atraumatic facial cleansing procedure takes an average of 1.5 hours.

Atraumatic facial cleansing recommendations

To maintain good results, it is recommended to cleanse regularly once every 1-2 months, or as prescribed by your cosmetologist.

The result of atraumatic facial cleansing

After the cleansing procedure performed with this technology, your skin will be clean, smooth, calm, and the size of comedones and inflamed elements will be reduced. The overall tone of the skin increases naturally, thereby restoring its healthy appearance.


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